Redmi 7A EMMC Change File (Eng Firmware Rom) Fix System Destroyed

Hi There We Are Found The REDMI 7A EMMC Change File (Eng Firmware) fix with this The System Has Been Destroyed But for this you will have to change the print installed in this mobile also.

If you want to replace its EMMC without changing the CPU, then if the system has been destroyed then it will be replaced and the solution is that you will change its CPU.

if you want to fix REDMI 7A emmc change System Destroyed problem then you need to change CPU also Even if you change the motherboard with another motherboard, your mobile will still be repaired.

We have fixed many such problems, after that I am sharing these things with you. We changed the seal on a mobile, after that this system destroyed problem got fixed. If you do Repatriation Emmc repair on your mobile, this problem will also get repaired.

Advantages Of The Eng Firmware (Emmc Change File)

  • System Destroyed
  • Hang On Logo
  • Stuck On Logo
  • Dead Boot

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What Is REDMI 7A Eng Firmware File

This is a similar file with the help of which after changing the EMMC installed in your mobile, you will install its global file and there will be no problem in the phone.

But you have to change the print otherwise the system will be destroyed. Its printing price is very high, it costs around Rs 1,000.

How To Write The REDMI 7A EMMC Change File (Eng Firmware Rom)

  • Take A Clean RPMB Samsung EMMC And Write Dump file
  • Fix On Motherboard
  • Flash The REDMI 7a Eng Firmware Rom
  • Boot Device And Repair IMEI number
  • Then Write Global Flash File

Redmi 7A EMMC Change System Has Been Destroyed Solution

If you are changing the mems of your mobile and then the error of system has not been destroyed is coming in your mobile then what is the solution?

For this you will take a new chip which will fit in Redmi 7A and fix that chip on the motherboard, after that you will replace the motherboard and then the mobile will boot.

After all this, repair your Redmi 7A dual camera, otherwise you will get the error of new data corrupted and you will not be able to use the mobile.


I hope you have read the memory change process carefully and you will be able to repair your phone after this. But if you are not able to repair it then contact us, we will try to repair your mobile.

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